Our Services

Content Strategy

Content Strategy describes a strategic and tactical approach to planning, designing and integrating original content into your website on a regular schedule. No matter what you’ve heard about SEO specialists with formulas, the most powerful commitment you can make to generating strong search results and user engagement is a commitment to content. Content strategy by a journalist designs rich stories that compel and convert users.

Editorial & Writing

In some cases, print remains the best choice for engaging audiences. Custom Content Publishing embodies print components. It might be an annual newsletter, a monthly report or a magazine.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the critical structure of your website. It determines a priority of what information your website displays, where and how that information is navigated. The structure of IA facilitates strong “user experience” (UX), which is crucial to people visiting, lingering on and recommending your site.

Organizational Training

Training involves evaluating your capacity to create and upload timely content from within your organization. It also entails facilitating processes by which you can achieve buy-in among stakeholders in your organization for new communications channels that seem daunting. Change is that essential factor for which preparation requires excellent communication to enhance readiness.

Rich Media

Rich media tell your stories. The phrase arose to describe the transition in Web 2.0 from static text content only to video and audio that enrich user experience on tablets and eye-catching retina displays. Almost 90% of multimedia consumers in the prized 18-35 year old demographic go online via their smart phones.

“Responsive design” describes web content that scales automatically to display properly on the device being used. Use of rich media identifies you as adaptive and attuned to the story formats of today.

Content Hive enjoys close colleagueship with brand designers and with web developers who build on WordPress, a robust and customizable CMS for responsive web design. We come prepared to lay the strategic and technical foundation for rich media, as well as to create it.