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Sustainable Development Goals — and a new podcast

A Sustainable Investing conference was held at the United Nations on Sept. 11. I was lucky to be there. The setting of the conference hinged around the work that Kofi Annan had done as U.N. Secretary General, when he convened world business leaders to the United Nations in 2000 to discuss a closer alliance between the U.N.’s work of advancing global equity and encouraging development to nations where, typically, investment capital does not flow. The conference hinged around the increasing complexities of investing practices that specifically advance UN sustainable development goals. What was striking to me as a listener was both the uptake in buy-in among U.S. citizens of whom more than 50 percent have some form of stock and equity investments whether through pension or retirement funds, or other forms. I’ll post more in the future on the complexities and fascinations and even some of the possible blind sides of this new form of investment advising that is growing deeper roots in the U.S. I have been creating a podcast for a majority-woman owned business in this sustainable investment advising field, Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, based in Santa Fe, NM. Please give a listen to the first two podcasts here: http://horizonssfs.com/our-podcast/