Kindle Project

In 2014, Kindle Project hosted the inaugural Solutions Laboratory Cohort, an open call for northern New Mexico organizations and individuals to propose “solutions” to the problem of climate change in northern New Mexico. Ellen Berkovitch was one of three individuals chosen. The idea she submitted was “Real Voices from Real Places – The “State of Change” Podcast, described as follows:

A dedicated podcast titled “State of Change” will follow a group of northern New Mexico food entrepreneurs/beekeepers/ranchers whose livelihoods are closely entwined with climate and ground, for a year to 18 months. Online magazine editor in chief Ellen Berkovitch heads the journalistically driven State of Change. The show concept is to track how land-interdependent visionaries in northern New Mexico are dealing with climate issues and demonstrating innovative adaptiveness to new climate realities. The show promises to deepen public awareness of work on the land and even to challenge biases about what constitutes “green” business.

Solutions Laboratory engaged the cohort participants in an in-depth process of storytelling that culminated in a one-night presentation to the community.