KSFR-FM Radio – Women’s Issues

In September 2015 I began contributing to KSFR-FM, Santa Fe Public Radio, as a talk radio host and freelance news radio producer. I contributed 14 show segments to Santa Fe Radio Café from September 22d to October 27th. I reported and interviewed experts on the refugee crisis in Europe, on issues of education, on the growth and qualities of cities, and on cultural subjects. I was asked to be a news reporter for News at Noon, the daily news show, at the same time. I have been reporting on the breaking environmental news about the proposed reopening of the Mt. Taylor Mine in southwestern New Mexico. I have reported and produced five news features for the Santa Fe news show, News at Noon, from September 22d to December 18th. The news links are included here:

Women’s Issues:

September 24, 2015

Scott McLennan describes organizing Nepal earthquake relief efforts, and Her Farm, an organic farm run by women in rural Nepal.

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September 22, 2015

Law Professor Anita Hill discusses Title IX and what’s changed for women since the law first passed in 1972.

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July 11, 2015. On KUNM-Women’s Focus

Unconscious Bias describes the biases we don’t even know we have. Stanford neuroscientist Jennifer Raymond talks it over with Ellen Berkovitch.

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February 14, 2015. On KUNM-Women’s Focus

A new field of philanthropy finds young people of wealth rethinking giving. Meet one of the women behind it.

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