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Ellen Berkovitch, Founder, Publisher & Editor in Chief

From a recent cover letter to Society of Professional Journalists by Ellen Berkovitch: celebrates our sixth year of continuous publication in 2015.

I founded this online magazine in 2009 and have shepherded it through four redesigns from a Joomla CMS to a responsive WordPress customized design achieved in September 2013. In an ongoing way, I oversee, assign and edit text and multimedia posts including a podcast. I publish new content at staggered intervals of every month to freshen the “edition” and win search-engine results. Roughly eight regular contributors write original reporting on music, contemporary visual art, film and theater. Coverage cities span the southwestern and western states of Colorado and New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California. We deviated in 2014 as far southeast as New Orleans to follow the stunning visual career of an artist who had studied in New Mexico.

We remain singular in the span of our regional reporting that turns up the volume on ideas-rich, under-covered contemporary art originating from the region. There are economic impacts to what we cover. 2014 investigative reporting included work by me, Ellen Berkovitch, on affordable housing initiatives that tap federal low income housing tax credits to create low-cost rentals when the working poor are artists.

Leanne Goebel reported on gender bias in Denver-area art exhibitions, and the decline of a Fort Collins nonprofit that had won federal funding for inaugurating artists’ career training. David D’Arcy did detailed documentary reporting from major film festivals including Sundance in Utah and TIFF in Toronto. Our lead music writer Doug Newville (pen name: Groovey) in 2014 had a milestone of his own: one million views for his dedicated YouTube channel of interviews with leading rock-and-roll and metal bands that make Denver a regular stop on tours.

Visually, AdobeAirstream continues to lead by providing an excellent user experience to visitors. I host an arts podcast. We publish text posts, video and photo slideshows all in easy-to-navigate, aesthetically excellent ways. We have proven over five years that an online magazine in a niche field can be viable for audiences and sustainable economically.

Our visitors number about 32,000 per month.

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