SITElines Media Residency

In July 2014, SITE Santa Fe, the southwest’s leading kunsthalle (non-collecting contemporary arts exhibition center) introduced a new biennial exhibition. Unsettled Landscapes named the first of three planned shows under the rubric, SITElines: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas. Guest curators Lucia Sanroman and Candice Hopkins joined Phillips director and chief curator of SITE Santa Fe Irene Hofmann, and curator of special projects, Janet Dees. The exhibition was grounded in principles of a north-south axis connecting the Americas through ideas and new art.

SITE Santa Fe contracted AdobeAirstream to conduct a live media residency that would interview artists participating in this new biennial, and audience members responding to it on the spot. We spent a four-day residency occupying a renovated Spartan trailer (courtesy artist Amy Westphal), conducting more than 50 interviews later edited into podcasts for the AdobeAirstreamRadio podcast channel on the website and on iTunes.